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Welcome to my blog where as a creative Storyteller and Artist I share my musings, findings and banana peel moments.

Over the last 20 years I have dedicated my time to teaching others to be visual storytellers in film and television, whilst trying to find my own time for creating my own stories and artworks.
I also have a absolute passion for traditional oral storytelling and researching the old fairy-tales and legends. Part of the reason for my blog is to offer support to other creative people who like me and my students try every day to create a world just that bit more magical than yesterday. So I hope you will find a treasure or two (mind the hidden trolls) or just a moment to laugh and say yep I took that path into the woods two.

All the best on this amazing journey

xx Allie

(you can also see my professional art and storytelling information via my website – http://www.alliesimpsonartist.com/

Thistle Fairy master Jpeg


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