I have decided to start posting some personal poetry I have written for myself or others. I find poetry a wonderful catalyst for thoughts and feelings, with my dyslexia I find grammar and structure hard to deal with. So I use poetry to challenge myself a little, but often I write what feels natural for me to say. I hope you enjoy.

‘Fall down seven times, get up eight times.’- Japanese Proverb

This poem was written for a friend who was struggling with life’s troubles. I gave it to them as a gift I hope you enjoy and please share to anyone you think may find comfort in the words. Allie xx

The Nature of Things

By Allie Simpson

Life mirrors Nature,
At times storms brew.
Winds ‘a’ blow.
Lightning flashes.
Thunder crashes.
Snow covers all.
But as with nature,
Once fallen & fellow,
will mellow.
The sun will shine.
Buds will bloom.
Birds will sing.
Constant is the mighty tree.
He weathers all.
Continuing to grow,


My painting ‘Tui Hill’ painted to remind me of my family and where I come from.
Also where I stand (in my mind) to gather strength when unsure or uncertain.

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