Day – (minus about) 40 odd. Yep all the way back to Easter!





Unfortunately today I was very sick with a cold/ flu lurgie (Perks of being a reacher). I was able to go to work but not the studio. But I remembered that I never shared my Easter Pukeko family or the pukeko easter nest I made for Easter family lunch. There is more food with stories but I will share that in a later post. I enjoy drawing my stylised Pukeko characters for the blog and was pleased to add the chick. I drew them to represent a New Zealand Easter, my new ideas and returning to my blog. It was a new begining. The funny thing is I started the blog again but forgot to post her. Then I thought it was to late and past Easter blah blah blah. . Truth is It’s never to late to share your work. So here on my sick day is Pukeko family and here is to old and new friends. Plenty of room in the nest. Now I’m off back to my hot coco and I hope to join you tomorrow with another picture. good night. Xx Allie


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