Where to go from here?

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My take on a Summer Christmas and Yuletide Log.


For Christmas time we will be having fresh summer flowers everday. #summerchristmas #artistlife

Wow what happened?

I am so very sorry to they lovely community out there who were following me and lending me support. The honest truth is the last four months have just swallowed me up. I have managed to be on a fantastically creative trek/slog every day of the last four months and am achieving some of my goals I set out to. I just haven’t had the where-for-all to write it all down (how does a dyslexic spell that?). I am back now and promise to keep up to date, I will fill you in on some of the creative commotion I have been encountering over the next few weeks. So again sorry and I am glad to be back.

P.S I have been reading your goings on and have been inspired all the way.

xx Allie

Where to from here?

2015-06-15 05.45.59Where have I been and where am I going? Two questions that can consume my thoughts, especially around ‘New Years’ and my ‘Birthday’.
I don’t get sullen and dark about it, I just take stock and check my life is tracking along as I want it. I am sure I am not the only one who does or thinks of doing this, especially around the New Year.
My birthday is mid-way through the year so it is my 6 monthly check up without the thermometer.
In the past I have faltered at the midway check up. I always got caught up in my daily work schedules and winters hurrying here and there and I tended to neglect my own creative career and life plans. Some of the passions that actually make me who I am.
I have a very fulfilling career and enjoy teaching a great deal, however my personal projects and creative goals are often neglected and left unfinished.
So no time like the present!
Yesterday was my birthday and today I have embarked on a creative year-long journey to continually learn and develop my artistic skills and techniques.
To explore more of my creative writing ideas and to complete and exhibit/publish/show … my work.
As a self-taught artist and writer with dyslexia I have a list of insecurities, this is where I am squaring my attention first.
I refuse to let these unproductive and often off-mark emotions hinder my progress. I started this in May with my daily sketches which I posted finished or not ( this was often done with a nervous temperament, but I did it all the same) and I will continue this month with offering my artwork and creative writhing ideas. I will also share in my more commercial projects as I design characters and finish the look and layout for my stories. I have a long list of books to read and experiences to have over the next 12 months. I will also be with working through the book ‘A year of creativity’ I will have monthly tasks to do and I will endevour to share it all.
The Good, The Bad and the (only a mother could love) Ugly moments.
Any tips ideas and constructive criticism is always welcome.
I hope you find some use or ideas for yourself in my journey.
xx Allie


By A. Simpson 2015
The morning mist glues to my skin as I walk along the path.
Behind me lies yesterday, grabbing at my heals as it fades.
Auburn rays dust the leaves with light, the new day is dawning.
A day like no other, but the same as all that have come before.
As I watch the old day die and the new day birth, I feel apprehension.
A knot, a tension creeping through me, seeping into my consciousness.
The light traps my feet, flitting up to my eyes.
I cannot help but see it.
The new day advances and hidden in it,
is my birthday.
The self-condemnation is alive, like the light playing on the ground before me.
What have I achieved in the last 12 months, anything at all?
Opportunities missed, goals unrealised.
A birthday, another year gone, enough to bring me to my knees.
Remorse and thoughts of promise lost. Things undone, loss and grief.
My internal turmoil is interrupted as wet droplets run down my cheeks.
Could they be tears of loss, pride or of youth’s longing?
All symptoms of my thoughts.
Graciously the thunder rouses me and as the rain falls, I see.
The new day is here and of yesterday I only have memories left.
All my past birthday’s, kisses, celebrations, songs and cheers.
Days filled with love and life.
There will be no tears; for I have no dreams lost, only hope of dreams to come.
There are no regrets, for they are for days gone.
I stretch out my arms and tilt my face to the rain.
Sticking out my tongue to drink the cold raindrops.
5 or 105 it’s all the same; delight in what and who you are.
The chance of a new day
and the taste of
stolen raindrops on your tongue.


Before I leave …

Maui's Dolphins family

Maui’s Dolphins family

Before I leave.

Is this it, the end of us?

Would you turn your eyes from me or watch me go in silence?

You look away because you know it is your fault.

There is no other like me.


All we had you threw away.

For what?

For gold and excitement?

Treasures that even now fade,

as I leave you for the last time.

Why did you do it?

How could you let your heart harden so,

that you could watch them do this to me?

Taking our last chance to be together.

There is more to this than just you and I.

If you cared,

if you ever loved …love me now.

Call out.

Fight for us


Let your hands and voice be mine.

Let me come back to you and our future.

Hold me with all your strength.

Before I slip away.

Lost to you forever

and you are left alone

in your silence.