Drawing from the past. 


Day 16. I started working today on a picture of one of my favorite New Zealand legendary characters. William O’ Leary aka ‘Arawata Bill’ and his pack horse Dolly. It will take me longer than I have today to finish so here is the in-progress start to his face. I have added a reference picture of him and Dolly. Will post when finished, loving working on his picture. Imagine going bush for 40 years and in a three piece suit? Such a strong charater and determined to do it his way. He inspires me and is great to tell stories about. I wanted to take longer for his picture so I could do him justice. #otago #goldminers #dunedinnz #localhistory #storyteller #arawata #williamoleary #alliesimpsonwriterartist

Before I leave …

Maui's Dolphins family

Maui’s Dolphins family

Before I leave.

Is this it, the end of us?

Would you turn your eyes from me or watch me go in silence?

You look away because you know it is your fault.

There is no other like me.


All we had you threw away.

For what?

For gold and excitement?

Treasures that even now fade,

as I leave you for the last time.

Why did you do it?

How could you let your heart harden so,

that you could watch them do this to me?

Taking our last chance to be together.

There is more to this than just you and I.

If you cared,

if you ever loved …love me now.

Call out.

Fight for us


Let your hands and voice be mine.

Let me come back to you and our future.

Hold me with all your strength.

Before I slip away.

Lost to you forever

and you are left alone

in your silence.

Day 30. And it all went to custard…





Day 30. Was yesterday and I actually had to walk away from my drawing before it was even at the line stage. I spent the entire time struggling with the composition and geting the perspective right.  When I came back and finished I realised that with all the corrections the line drawing would be no good for shading as it was marred with corrected lines. The next problem was I couldn’t use my light box to transfer to a fresh sheet as the Sanford grey tone is nice and thick. So I had to compromise and make cut outs. I now have a clean linework to start on. Oh by the way, I often push too hard with my pencil and a friend gave me a tip which helped in this situation. Use a mechanical pencil with the lead out. If you push too hard it breaks the lead. I started with a complete lead and finished with this little bit. I am getting better but sometimes … snap.
Today is the 1st of June, and I will continue on with this drawing with a freash eye and a fresh start. It all went to custard (translation – NZ saying, meaning it all went bad.) But in the end I worked through it and solved my problem. I have enjoyed my daily before breakfast drawings but will not be able to draw each day for the next week, as I am with my students on a drama shoot.   Call time is 6am. And I live about an hour from school. I will try to take some pictures of the other side of my creative day to share with you.  I will be back to drawing within 7 days.
Thank you for all your support, I do enjoy your comments and encouragement.
Have fun 
Xx Allie

Day 30. It took awhile…..





…but finally they are done. They took longer than the allocated hour so there was no time for another today. At least I finished these three little guys. I am very happy with the end result but they were more work than anticipated. It was the one in the back I found the hardest as he was in low light .