Storytelling Adventures

The last year has been full of new events, odd things and opportunities that would take to much time to explain on today’s blog, but lets start with a story…

Once upon a time this dyslexic creative decided
she needed to get her act together…

I have spent the last 12 plus months paying attention to my goals and using different techniques to keep my personal and family objectives on track. I have been lost in the story of career and daily living in the past and as we all know, time just gets away on you. But over the last year it has been different, I have achieved many goals I set out to do.

1477848587991Original and historical scary stories at a historical village for Halloween

This has been a catalysis in my life which has created many changes.
I have always aspired to write and illustrate my own children’s stories, which with dyslexia, no formal illustration training and a full-time career teaching, I haven’t manged to achieve. In fact in the past I had begun to think it may be an unrealistic goal altogether.

This year I made the choice to re-energise my writing and story skills in other ways,  to pursue my stories in whatever way I could, to not feel defeated by the difficulty to get published.  I decided not to go down the normal path and I changed my inner script from,
I must get published, to I must share my stories.
I went back to basics and fell in-love with traditional oral storytelling.

scots 1 025Storytelling at the Auckland Highland Games.

Wow what a difference it has made for me and my stories. I started telling traditional  and my own original stories to children of varied ages.
At events, libraries, and schools wherever I could, large and small crowds even quiet one on one tellings. They were all uniquely special and I learnt a great deal.
It reminded me what is important in a story and what is not and just how creative children’s and adults imaginations can be.

scots 1 074

I have a passion for historical early settler stories and Celtic heritage stories, my love of Aesop fables creeps in every-time and  I love the amazement on peoples faces when they sit down and I don’t have a book to tell from, then we can flit from story to story as fast as their minds can take them.


The stories come from my head and heart.
After all isn’t that where all stories start?
In either our head or our hearts
It has been a wonderful telling year and I look forward to telling many many many more…


My Summery
Part of my teaching role is to teach career planning and goal setting.
Over the past year I have reformed some key points.
Points that I would forget (ignore) for myself,
but would encourage my students to always do.
So what is good for the student is good for the teacher.

If you are not achieving what you want on your life journey, PAUSE FOR A MOMENT, don’t just keep trudging on, you can never reverse time, so do not waste it on the wrong path or project. Take time to analyse and adjust on a regular basis.

look at the vehicle you are trying to use?
Is it the right tool for the job?
Could you do it a different way?
Look at your inner script, what are you saying to yourself, about YOURSELF and your SITUATION?
Is it true, or incorrect self-doubt?
If it is true, change it and you can’t change it, how can you approach your challenge to minimise the impact?
If it’s not true or true for you anymore, think outside the normal box?
What could you do to achieve it from a different point of view?
Listen to all the feedback the world offers, find the silver lining it will be there.
What are your goals and dreams, Could you look at them from a different angle?

Find your story  xxx Allie

Why taking time is important.


As some of you know I made a plan to pay attention to the 4 main season changes this year (2016) and celebrate the Summer Solstice, Autumn equinox, Winter Solstice and then Spring Equinox. With taking 4 focus points and keeping an eye on my life and career goals at each point it has helped enormously with my goal achievements and plans.
As a teacher I had always had a tendency to let the school year swallow me and my goals up.
Only surfacing at the end of the school year, often too tired to achieve much in the time between one year and the next. Now with having 4 yearly dates to analyse, celebrate, read-adjust and instigate I have found it easier to keep a healthy overview of what my students and clients need and what I need. The Winter Solstice is in 13 days and I am using it as a day to look at and celebrate what I have achieved in the past and to let go of anything that hasn’t worked. I will be using the symbol of winter warmth to remind myself that I need to rest and to fan the creative fires. I have been asked if what I am doing this year is based in a religion or similar,
the answer is no.


What I am doing is paying attention to the seasons around me which in turn reminds me that everything has a season. Also that everything changes. I feel that we do not take enough time to celebrate our successes and to keep on track with what we want in our year.

We stand on New Year’s Eve and worry about how we aren’t good enough or we need to lose this much weight or stop or start the list goes on and on. Resolutions not inspiring.

I have found that just one day a year looking at what I want in my life is just not enough nor does 1 day out of 365 days show any kind of life balance.

So this year I decided to try something new. Inspired by my story research I looked at how our ancestors had to pay attention to the seasons to live and I took a leaf from their book. (pun intended)

This is the plan I sketched up last December 2015.

The Summer is all about abundance so at the Summer Solstice (21st Dec) we had a fun family and friends get together. I payed attention to how much abundance I had in my life, and what I was grateful for. This helped me to shape my goals for the year as I came from a mind-set of what I was happy with and already had. Not a sense of lack like on a New Years Eve .
As a side note realising how much you have a week before Christmas is interesting.


The Autumn Equinox was for me about sustaining my momentum and laying in stores for the work ahead, also paying attention to change in your life. I had a wonderful time looking at how my plans were growing and taking time to listen to others plans and ideas inspiring me to keep going. I was also able to spend time doing storytelling outside and the landscape was just amazing.
For me I used the Autumn Equinox point to remind myself of my direction and goals


The Winter Solstice is on the 20th and 21st of June and I want to use it as a halfway point.
To take time to rest by a warm fireplace and look back at all I have done so far, then stop or change anything that isn’t working and move on. I wanted to be near the snow but due to work commitments I can’t (never mind next year) I do plan on warm food and company.


The Spring Equinox is in September on the 23rd. I plan on using the idea of new growth to check my success and put anything new into the mix. But we will see.


So what I am doing is using these 4 days as special markers to remind me that a life worth living is one that you are conscious of and always adjusting and developing. So far this year it has worked for me. Give it a try it may help you remember just how well you are actually doing and what you have around you to be grateful for.

We may not live as slowly as our ancestors and no there is no dancing around a fired in states of undress for me. But I feel more In-tune by paying attention as they did, just that bit more.

What are your thoughts? Do you have a goal plan that helps you?

Day 22. The small things count.


Kingfisher sketch


Day 22. Today I was able to catch up on some tasks that have been piling up in the studio and office. Nothing very important, but as I worked through them I realised that small things make a difference. The truth is they are often only small in time or action not importance. When you have too many things saying, sort me…do me…finish me, you can’t focus on the so called big things. If you get through and clear the small things, you will free mental space and energy to be truly creative and focused. So todays drawing is dedicated to all the creatives slogging away out there. It is a New Zealand Kingfisher, small but spectacular. Feel free to leave a comment or share.  A special thank you to all my new blog community, I hope you enjoy my creative challenges.
Xx Allie

Day 20. Late nights.


Day 20 started with a problem, but I promised todays drawing and here it is. A New Zealand Morepork (small owl). Still in an hour, just the last hour of the day. Been a long day but it was a nice way of finishing, listening to the Morepork’s from the studio. Good night from me, hopefully tomorrow will start as planned. Xx Allie