Carrying the weight of the world


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This year will be exciting, I have committed myself to completing my career and personal goals. To achieve my goals I must complete multiple projects and breathe life back into ones that have quietly withered from neglect.

Although to do this I must be truthful with myself. Every year I want to complete my goals, I try to do so, only to get swamped with work and other commitments.
My teaching year definitely has an ebb and flow of pace, but is that really the problem?
Am I doing the same actions and time management techniques that have not worked in the past, and expecting them to work this time.
Alleluia I spent time with myself over the Christmas break and discovered that pearl of wisdom leading me on the path of finding something new that would help me do it all better.
I needed to get organised and have a permanent system to track and manage my demanding calendar and schedules. I also needed to identify my trouble spots and put measures in place to prevent my projects from being neglected again.
I have always had a habit of putting others needs and want ahead of mine, often they didn’t know this and that it was costing me the time needed to work on my projects.
So I can’t blame anyone but myself.
Even then I suffered from a perpetual la-la way of thinking, I had more hours in the day than was actually possible and of course, I always want to feel helpful and needed.
Put your (rhetorical) hand up if, in your mind there is over 24hrs in your day or does the helpful bug sound familiar. Of course the result was I would run out of time.
I would have half-finished projects, a lot of ‘almost there’ goals and a whole heap of guilt and self loathing because I couldn’t get anything done!
Again being truthful with myself is my New Years (and I hope All Years) resolution.
Doing the same thing and expecting different results….not smart.
I have searched for help, which I will share as I find it and now have a starting plan.
Firstly know what I want to achieve(what is really important right now).
Know what commitments I have (both at work and home)decide what are commitments and what is just overloading.
Be realistic in my time planning, what can I actually do in a 24rh day?
Schedule in some energy re-booting time, no burning candle at both ends.
The starting process is to clear all clutter so I can see what I need to do.
Here is the start of my personal Goals this year.

  • I want to self publish two children’s stories.
  • Produce at least one children’s animation and get it aired.
  • Project manage, submitting a children’s series for funding.
  • Launch a web page.
  • Open/ set up my private studio.
  • Become healthy and fit again.
  • Provide scheduled quality time for family and friends.
  • Create a children’s creative art course for 2015
  • Prepare for an art exhibition for 2015

My teaching goals are:

  • Finish my planning work for coarse development in 2014.
  • Add as many new and exciting elements as possible during academic year.
  • Follow good working practices at school, preventing bringing home work.
  • Delegate and defer more work during academic year( not trying to carry it all)

I have smaller projects and wants that I will put into the year but the above two lists are my main creative and career goals.
I know we are all busy living and trying to get what we want, but I have come to the conclusion that sometimes we are unhappy because we think we are not achieving.
When in reality we are achieving a great deal… just in the wrong areas.

I have become overloaded  and blamed myself or resenting others, for not getting where I want to be. But now I realize I should have been scrutinizing some of the tools I was using to manage, the commitments I had made to others, and the lack of commitment I had made to myself. I had been so busy racing to do everything I didn’t realize I had actually achieved some of my life goals, they had been lost in the rush that was my life.

My main goal this year keep my life balanced,it makes things lighter to carry’.
One resource I am using to help is a book by David Allen. ‘Getting things done, the art of stress-free productivity.


Happy New Year bring on 2014

Happy New Year bring on 2014

What a year 2013 has been… I can hear a chorus of groans and sighs as I write that. Every year at this point we sit and ponder what has been and we hope for what is to come. Every year there is a pattern. A familiar song I hear coming from my friends facebook messages and text. Wishing me and others ‘A Happy New Year’. It sounds something like this, we have all had our challenges, heartbreaks, disappointments and arguments sometimes with ourselves and sometimes with others and luckly some well deserved triumphs. But really our lives are intrinsically the same, laid out differently but in essence the same. I always get up early on New Years day to spend sometime with myself to plan for the year and list out my goals for the next 12 months, I end up with a long list and many demands on my talents and time. But tomorrow I will get up and not put anything new on my list, but plan to reach all my continuing goals and commit myself to myself, family, friends and those who depend on me to reach their goals. But first and foremost I will sit quietly and be thankful for all I already have. Take time to look after yourself tomorrow and enjoy a quiet moment before the real 2014 rushes in. Happy New year everyone.